The CPAmerica website project represents nearly a year long collaboration between Clarity Ventures and CPAmerica staff.  I led the front end team and the user experience and interface design while Chris worked heroically to build advanced CRM relationships and setup web services to feed …
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Convert 4 digit year to 2 digits

At times I find myself a little handcuffed by CMS’s and third party modules or plugins. If you need to modify the results of a pre-existing solution or alter it’s function, typically the highest performing method to modify (i.e. hack) …
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Live Form Validation on Load

The Live validation Javascript plugin from is an elegant and robust solution for form validation. The script is easy to use and style and offers a wide array of options for sophistacted form validation. Live Validation validates as you …
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Custom Careers Module for DNN with Xmod Pro

I was unable to find a great careers module for DotNetNuke, the solution: a custom application using Xmod form and template views. This solution only took a few hours, and is relatively easy and fast to setup using the Xmod …
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HMT Tank

The HMT Tank website was a content-rich DNN implementation with lots of images and products. Will did a great job translating some very specific client requests into a workable design and Stephanie stepped up to help us out with key layout …
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The Mar-Tech website was a quick and efficient DotNetNuke website designed to provide the client with a solid foundation for a content management system so they could easily update their content and showcase their collection of high quality photos and imagery. I coordinated with …
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Ajax Calls from an ASP Web Service

As a front end developer, I love working side by side with good back end developers. Web services are a great way to seamlessly transition from the back end role to the front end role. My teammate can setup the …
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LDR Medical

LDR Holding presented some special challenges for our team in organizing what was once a disparate collection of regional websites in a cohesive framework with a clear and intuitive structure. This, combined with the need to present an array of …
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Customizing the DNN login Header Stack

The DotNetNuke default login could just use a little work in my experience. I use a customized login stack in most of my skins that includes a login and register link for unauthenticated users, and a Welcome and profile message …
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Google Maps API V3 Integration Part 1

Google’s API’s are great tools for adding interface and front end features. Their much lauded maps API is no exception, it’s power, ease of use and extreme flexibility make it a must have for any developers toolkit. You may want …
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Select Input/Combobox Based Navigation

What is it? An easy way to build a simple menu using the select input element, also known as the combobox. The HTML The HTML is just about as basic as it gets, a simple select input element is all …
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Clear on Focus, Watermark, or Hint Text Input Field

What is it? Called clear on focus, watermark text, or hint text, this function in essence combines labels with field values. Hint text appears directly inside an input element. Clicking on the text clears it out, allowing the user to enter their data. …
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