Monthly Archives: May 2010


Poker Affiliate Solutions

The Poker Affiliate Solutions website, reporting system and Content Management System was a product that spanned two years and hundreds of mockups and interface drafts.  Built in Ruby on Rails, the front end was powered by a combination of jQuery, HMTL, and CSS in a Sass …
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Why I’m going back to school (and why you should too!)

Were you one of the kids in school who just knew things weren’t operating properly?  It’s true that most schools have pretty major deficiencies: uninspired or inept teachers, poor facilities, arrogant or incompetent administration, dated materials and well, just poor …
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SEO for Beginners: Part 2

In an earlier article, I discussed why having a keyword plan was important for your online marketing strategy.  In this slightly more advanced tutorial we will look at some of the ways such a plan can be used to divert …
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Protect your Small Business

If victims of malicious web based attacks have anything in common, it’s that they never expected that it would happen to them. Unfortunately, internet based attacks are impersonal, blunt and rampant. You might be a kind individual and an ethical business person, but you have enemies you’ve never met.

There is a need to panic, but panic just enough to take a few hours to protect yourself and your business. Taking just two simple steps TODAY will vastly improve and protect your small business. Doing them right will save you both time and money and situate your enterprise to adapt and grow for many years to come.
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