Monthly Archives: July 2010


Growing an Active Forum

I imagine that scattered around our planet our tens of thousands of empty, deserted ghost towns.  A vast array of mini metropolises that never got off the ground, were abandoned, or just mysteriously died away.   In the same way, the internet …
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WordPress Monthly Archives for a Category

Occasionally when using WordPress as a Content Management System for a website I will use posts to organize content for areas of the website outside of a blog. For example, on the Happily Ever After Photography website I used posts …
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Mapping your home with Google Sketchup

If you’re thinking about re-decorating, moving or are renting a property you might find a 3D model of your property extremely helpful. With a great program called Google Sketchup this process is easy and free. How It’s Done 1. Use …
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A Google based calendar for wordpress.

I’m always looking for ways to make organization easier, more efficient, and well…  more fun.  In service of this, I am starting a new project to better communicate with my clients. I am publishing an availability calender within my blog …
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Case Study: San Fernando Valley Professional School

The San Fernando Valley Professional School website had the same problems as many dated, budget based websites: an aged outdated appearance and poor content management. Our upgrade improved the navigational system to a system of dynamically generated drop menus and …
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Case Study: Happily Ever After Photography

Working with Ruth at Happily Ever After Photography was a pleasure.  She is a craftswoman and small business owner who has real enthusiasm and talent for both her professions.  Ruth immediately connects with people, and her charming studio reflects her …
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