Monthly Archives: August 2010


A sample logo design process.

There really isn’t a single ‘right’ way to design a good logo, nor is there a single process that will guarantee a great result. The best method really depends on both the designer and client as well as the particular …
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Goodbye old paint!

Design Onslaught has a new look!  I’ll miss the old design, but it was time to modernize and make some adjustments. The new look should be easier to navigate and should do a better job highlighting my articles and posts. …
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Simplicty gone too far!

Simplicity has its place in web design, but it is not, nor should it be, and over-riding design principle.  A designer shouldn’t start with a goal to make a website clean, simple or web 2.0.  These really aren’t goals at …
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Adding an Image Rotator to your WordPress Site

A popular feature for modern websites is a rotating image gallery or slide show showcasing features or products.   Although this is often a complex addition, the  Frontpage Slideshow WordPress Plugin makes it possible to add and edit an elaborate display …
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