Monthly Archives: September 2010


DesignOnslaught to Partner with Clarity

I’m pleased to announce that I have accepted a long term proposal with Clarity Ventures.  Who is Clarity Ventures? Clarity Ventures is an Austin, TX based consulting company committed to building innovative technology for our clients. Our software developers design powerful …
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Missing Windows from Using Multiple Monitors

I love large work spaces!  My home office features 3 large 20 inch monitors (and I need them).   When I leave my duly appointed castle, I travel with my well worn Acer wide-screen laptop.  Upon arrival at a work site …
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Why you Should Hire Me

I never represent myself quite as well as I’d like when I initially meet with a prospective client or in response to a job offer.  I do think I get a little better every time, but until I become the …
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Web Design in Austin Texas!

I’ve completed the relocation to Austin, Texas and am eager to begin working with local businesses.  Austin is a beautiful, modern city with a populace that is smart, savvy and intensely proud. I am anticipating a highly competitive market here …
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