Monthly Archives: April 2012


A Good Foundation

After years of trying various techniques and workflows I’ve settled on three key areas that I focus on at the very beginning of nearly every web development process. Site Map I prefer a classic outline, but many people like more …
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Managing Expectations in Web Development

Content Management Systems are better and friendlier than they have ever been.  As a result, its very easy to oversell capabilities and reliability.  Microsoft office style interfaces make it tempting to advertise any CMS with a WYSIWIG as a no training, …
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Sample Job Interview Questions for Web Developers

I’ve participated in quite a few interviews and I do enjoy the process of meeting people and evaluating them for fit.  When assessing a potential designer, developer or other position, I try to orient candidates into a collaborative rather than …
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Precision Joint Solution

This DotNetNuke site was a blast to create and develop.  Great imagery and motivated clients made this simple site a success in just a few short weeks of development. DNN Modules Used: SmithCart Easy DNN Solutions News


Handing off the Right Way

Any project hand-offs or delegated tasks have the potential, if handled incorrectly, to be costly in terms of time,  money and resources.  I find that taking the time to hand off with professionalism, consistency and just a bit of attention to detail …
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