Monthly Archives: May 2012


How I Wireframe

I have come to buy into wire-framing as an essential part of an effective web development workflow.  There are many techniques and approaches for crafting strong wireframes, I don’t think there is necessarily a single right way to do it, but I …
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Friends & Farms

Friends and Farms supplies subscription based “Baskets” of regionally grown food along with extras purchased from a store, based on seasonal availability and consumer demand.  The site features e-commerce solutions in two parts, a Dynamic Springs Registration powered subscription based membership, and a Smith …
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Lightning Master

Lightning Master creates industrial lightning protection equipment and devices.  Their line of products covers a variety of industries and applications. This project was and upgrade to an existing website, with the goals of providing better content management, strong SEO, a …
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Coping with a Time Crunch

Having too much on your plate is a good problem.  Yes good, but I place the emphasis on problem for a reason. A sudden influx of clients and/or work needs to be addressed and dealt with head-on, or you will find yourself …
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Make Visual Studio Front End Developer Friendly in 3 Easy Steps!

Visual Studio, while pretty feature laden, isn’t the type of editor that a modern day front end guru salivates for.  When I first started developing in a .Net environment I found it pretty cumbersome and even a little intimidating.  These days, it rivals …
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Criticism in Creative Enviroments

Any team leader worth his salt has some trepidation when it comes to leveling criticism.  Doubly so in creative environments, where good designers and developers invest something of themselves in their designs and user experiences. I personally still find it …
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