Monthly Archives: June 2012


Clear on Focus, Watermark, or Hint Text Input Field

What is it? Called clear on focus, watermark text, or hint text, this function in essence combines labels with field values. Hint text appears directly inside an input element. Clicking on the text clears it out, allowing the user to enter their data. …
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A WordPress Post Category Accordion

There are quite a few ways to showcase your posts in WordPress, but I’ve found many of the archive functions to be pretty lacking. WordPress was conceived as a blog first, and a content management system second, so if you …
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A Simple jQuery FAQ style Show and Hide

Animated show/hide expanders seem to be very popular with clients lately. Although the jQuery UI library has a good accordion plugin that utilizes the Themeroller style gallery, it’s often overkill or not quite right for simple applications. I’ve created a …
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