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The CPAmerica website project represents nearly a year long collaboration between Clarity Ventures and CPAmerica staff.  I led the front end team and the user experience and interface design while Chris worked heroically to build advanced CRM relationships and setup web services to feed …
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Convert 4 digit year to 2 digits

At times I find myself a little handcuffed by CMS’s and third party modules or plugins. If you need to modify the results of a pre-existing solution or alter it’s function, typically the highest performing method to modify (i.e. hack) …
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Live Form Validation on Load

The Live validation Javascript plugin from is an elegant and robust solution for form validation. The script is easy to use and style and offers a wide array of options for sophistacted form validation. Live Validation validates as you …
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Custom Careers Module for DNN with Xmod Pro

I was unable to find a great careers module for DotNetNuke, the solution: a custom application using Xmod form and template views. This solution only took a few hours, and is relatively easy and fast to setup using the Xmod …
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