A Google based calendar for wordpress.


I’m always looking for ways to make organization easier, more efficient, and well…  more fun.  In service of this, I am starting a new project to better communicate with my clients.

I am publishing an availability calender within my blog using the Google Calendar web application.

Why Google Calendar?

There are a few existing wordpress calendar plugins, but they all lacked the power, polish and accessibility of Google’s surprisingly lightweight app.

How it’s done.

The process for integrating Google is only slightly more complicated than adding a new plugin. For this add-on you’ll need a Google Calendar Account, a text/HTML editor and an FTP program.

Step 1

First, sign in to your Google Calendar.  Click on the small arrow next to the calendar you wish to publish.  This will open up a drop down menu.  Select the “Calendar Settings” option.

Step 2

If your screen has gone all mustard colored your in the right place.  Locate the “Customize the color, size and other options” link pictured at right, and click on it.

Step 3

We are already almost there!  Choose the options you want for this calendar.  Be sure to pick a width and height that suites your blog, and select as many calendars as you want to include.  When your satisfied with the results, update the HTML and copy the results for pasting into your web page or WordPress template file.

Step 4

This is where you will need a little technical expertise.  Check out this wordpress article on Creating Page Templates if you are unsure of how to create a new page template.  Paste your custom code  into the template file, save, and upload it.  Then create your new calendar page and choose the appropriate template.

See a WordPress Google Calendar in Action!

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