The CPAmerica website project represents nearly a year long collaboration between Clarity Ventures and CPAmerica staff.  I led the front end team and the user experience and interface design while Chris worked heroically to build advanced CRM relationships and setup web services to feed many of my interfaces. Many other team members pitched in to assist with templating and design including Will, Mac and Matt.

This DotNetNuke website uses mostly custom modules developed specifically for this application. The EasyDNN News and EasyDNN article modules play key roles on a few pages, but most of the work is done by custom interfaces. These are roughly split between stand-alone innovations and Xmod based interfaces.

The events system is one such custom interface that also interacts with the Xmod form and template system. Custom forms coded in HTML/CSS and controlled by C# populate an events database. Attendance records are passed to the CRM instance. Events themselves are created and updated through a form built with the Xmod interface, then displayed using ajax based JavaScript calls from specially configured web services.

Many other custom features populate this website including a publication/document library, advanced member directory, file sharing library and preferred provider directory.

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