Custom Careers Module for DNN with Xmod Pro


I was unable to find a great careers module for DotNetNuke, the solution: a custom application using Xmod form and template views. This solution only took a few hours, and is relatively easy and fast to setup using the Xmod tools and just a few database tables. What’s even better is that this system is very easy to expand, tweak customize and build upon.

The sidebar module

The sidebar is a list view only, the key function here is to link to the new page with a job ID in the url so we can display the detail view. This allows up to load up a new page and template rather just using the native xmod detail view.

The Detail View


The next view shows the job detail so prospective candidates can review the full description and apply if it’s a good fit. The detail view is used here to display results for this single record, and we grab the url paramater to locate the correct data from our database table. An additional feature is a custom company description which is posted from another table and used for all postings. Finally I use the select command to add a simple conditional to hide any field types that are not used in this listing.

The Application Form


The application form is pretty routine, a simple form with an email event added to the end.


ldrcareer6A simple thank you page is all that’s needed to wrap up the user experience.

Manage Openings


I simply plugged into jquery datatables to show the available openings, with traditional out of the box Xmod controls.


The Applications view

Almost there! We just need to add one more view so the careers administrator can view and updated submitted applications.


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