Goodbye old paint!

Design Onslaught has a new look!  I’ll miss the old design, but it was time to modernize and make some adjustments.

The new look should be easier to navigate and should do a better job highlighting my articles and posts. The new magazine style layout puts an emphasis on organization and takes advantage of WordPress 3.0’s featured image function to display thumbnails and feature images.

I’ve added a sidebar with a popular tab function to incorporate my twitter posts and make the articles easier to navigate.  The footer has also been updated to contain more information and links, again to ease navigation.  Finally, a brand new pattern library will be used to showcase some of my favorite design elements for inspiration and idea gathering.

I’ve added some new plugins, and the TwentyTen theme base will allow me to take advantage of many of the newer WordPress 3.0 core functions as I continue to tweak and expand on this foundation.

Active Plugins:

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