LDR Medical


LDR Holding presented some special challenges for our team in organizing what was once a disparate collection of regional websites in a cohesive framework with a clear and intuitive structure. This, combined with the need to present an array of multimedia material allowed us to flex our problem solving muscles to generate a streamlined presentation while preserving an easily updateable Content Management System.

LDR Medical (www.ldrmedical.com) is a large scale multi-portal, multi-language DotNetNuke website. The website includes a broad array of user interfaces including videos, tabs, embedded PDFs, Google maps, and various specifically designed navigational tools.

Internationalization has handled by a jQuery UI powered “Region Selector” that allows users to easily access a global region selector along with truncated site maps for each site. Additional language selectors and linking makes it easy to jump between regional websites and a more generalized global landing portal.

Product presentation was managed using a DNN tabs module with a unique layout in which we embedded various resources including Videos, PDF’s, images and text. Finally an article and event management allows for intuitive updates that are both uniformly and professionally generated.

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